Scott Hahn: SUPERSTAR!!!!

23 11 2009

or: Slouching towards the “American Jesus” – part III

The autumn sky in New Orleans threatened rain. But rain this time of year is nothing like the downpours of hurricane season, the ones that all churches here pray that Our Lady of Prompt Succour temper with her motherly hand. AG was already in a bad mood, and I didn’t blame her. After rather naively thinking that going to see Scott Hahn and some other guy (Brian… something) was a good idea, and even buying tickets for ten dollars a pop to have the honor of doing so, we were then informed about a week ago that:

1. We should get there a half hour early due to the high turnout and,

2. Because the high school where the talk was being held was having “another function”, we were asked to park four blocks away, at another school parking lot, in not one of the best neighborhoods in New Orleans…

So yeah, we were starting off on a bad note. AG just wanted me to park in the original parking lot, and I quipped, “well why not? We’re Catholics, not Presbyterians.” But at the last moment, I chickened out, and parked in a parking space across the street from the parking lot.

“Why are we going to this again,” AG asked quite annoyed.

“Hey, don’t make me look like the bad guy here. You also said you wanted to come.”

When we got in, it was pop-con Catholicism at full throttle. Of course, both authors of that night had booths hawking their apologetic wares to eager Catholics with more disposable income than knowledge. I took out our tickets and we walked to the door where the presentation was being held. Some nice peppy Catholic girl took our tickets, and we walked into … wait for it… a high school basketball gymnasium. There were no seats, we were expected to sit in the bleachers. I looked at AG, and that was the last straw. In her mind, not only had we paid for the privilege of seeing the don of the Catholic apologetics mafia speak, but we had to spend two and a half exciting hours sitting in high school bleachers after a long day at the office. She reacted like any good Catholic girl would under such circumstances. By saying quite audibly:

“This is such bullshit.”

Yeah. It was going to be one of those nights.
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