Interesting quote about God

21 10 2009


What is it that motivates today’s Christians? It really is not God… It is rather their egos that motivate them, their social diversity, their worship, their relationship to Revelation, and the restoration of the unity of the Church. All of these are indeed important aspects, but they will not become stale only so long as the salt of the passionate relationship with God preserves its freshness.

-Hans Urs von Balthasar, “Why we need Nicholas of Cusa”

I agree with this statement, as I agree with much of von Balthasar when he speaks of the thought of others. I think there is unnatural, enclosed subtext in much of Christian discourse that is really unsure of how much it can encompass the totality of human experience. And this has to do with an understanding of God, fundamentally. For if God is only conceived of as a function of my own ideological and political necessity (either as the ens causa sui upholding a particular social order, or a “fire in the bosom” affirming my own presuppositions regarding my personal experience, or what have you), we are not really thinking about God, but of a particular axiom needed to uphold our own superstructure of choice. That is a problem of both the left and the right, and it crosses confessional lines.