Liturgy anecdotes from the Internet

6 10 2009


The first from Bishop Terrence Fulham’s column:

With regard to the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, the monks of St. Peter’s Abbey in Solesmes, France, so long charged with composing Gregorian melodies for new liturgical feasts flat-out refused to do so for the rest of the Pius XII Pontificate so much did they (like myself) despise that feast. It was John XXIII who ordered the music written and they complied, but it has to be the most cacophonous load of rubbish you ever did hear. The monks had the final word, (or should I say notes ?) on that feast. I’m sure the conventual Mass that day was never sung in Solesmes ! I can only remember singing that Mass once in the seminary schola and one of the Alleluia verses is absolutely hideous – completely discordant and unsingable corresponding to no other piece in the Gregorian repertoire of which I am aware and I’m not surprised either !

Surprisingly, by comparison, the Introit for the feast of St. Pius X also introduced in 1955 for its first celebration in 1956 is absolutely beautiful. Even monks can send coded messages and in music !
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