Enchanted Protestantism – III

5 10 2009

Signs, wonders, and the twilight of “doctrinal” Protestantism

People of late have thought me some sort of waivering Catholic who is too friendly with the Protestants. I think half the stuff that I post here would be more than enough to prove that this is a ridiculous. I do have a number of Protestant fans, a couple of whom I know personally. You could even call them, “friends”. They tend to be of the “magisterial Protestant” type, people who take their Luther and Calvin very seriously. I have been told by some that they appreciate my honesty, saying that all of the other Catholics that they encounter are not nearly as honest as I am about what Catholicism is really like. And if Catholicism is merely conceived as a “completion” of a person’s Protestantism, no matter how “Scriptural” they may think it ultimately is, then I think that he is barking up the wrong tree. You can no more get a religion out of a book than you can build a DVD player using the consumer instructional manual. To think as a human being is to think in a context, and not even Muslims treat the Koran the same way that modern Protestants think of the Bible; as some sort of key to an individualistic, bourgeois religion.
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