31 08 2009


A la cara de mi hijo
que duerme, bajan
arenas de las dunas,
flor de la caña
y la espuma que vuela
de la cascada…

Y es sueño nada más
cuanto le baja;
sueño cae a su boca,
sueño a su espalda,
y me roban su cuerpo
junto con su alma.

Y así lo van cubriendo
con tanta maña,
que en la noche no tengo
hijo ni nada,
madre ciega de sombra,
madre robada.

Hasta que el sol bendito
al fin lo baña:
me lo devuelve en linda
fruta mondada
¡y me lo pone entero
sobre la falda!

-Gabriela Mistral

Are we all Hindus?

31 08 2009

Over at the OrthoCuban blog, Father Ernesto cites a Newsweek article on how the religiosity of most Americans more closely resembles Hinduism than it does traditional Christian belief. He cites how more Americans would agree with the line of the Rig Veda, “Truth is One, but the sages speak of it by many names”, than they would with the idea of “you shall have no other gods but me”. The Orthodox cleric adds his own reflection saying:

Any of us might claim that we are not Hindu. But, if we are really honest, we need to admit that we chose which part of Christendom to follow rather than letting the Church tell us how to follow. If we are honest, we all need to admit that we probably hold some beliefs and opinions that contradict the “official” beliefs of the group of which we are a part. And, in that contradiction, and in the refusal to change our opinion despite the contradiction, we show the effects of a “cafeteria” view of Christianity.
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