San Ramon Nonato

27 07 2009


From the site of E. Bryant Holman (R.I.P.):

While still a young man, he joined the Orden de la Merced, which was an order which raised money to go to North Africa and pay the ransom for Christians who were being held there. While on one such mission, he was found, by the Muslim authorities, to be preaching and attempting to gain converts to Christianity. The local ruler warned him that he must stop, or else he would be punished. A zealous preacher, he continued, and was arrested. In order to literally shut him up, his lips were perforated and a padlock was installed, which was later removed when they put him on a ship back to Spain.

For this last reason, he has become a very popular saint in Mexico, where people appeal to him by way of a spell designed to shut up gossips. In this, one acquires and image of the saint, along with a red votive candle. One prays the prayer to him which one finds on the back of his prayer card or his votive candles, and then one asks him to shut up a particular gossip or group of gossips, and then one takes chewing gum and uses it to press a coin over his mouth. One lights the candle and sets it next to the image on one’s altar (this is what curanderas do) or else one sets it in some place where it will not be disturbed.

Of course, he is also invoked for a safe childbirth:

Oh excelso patrono, San Ramón, modelo de caridad para con los pobres y necesitados, aquí me tenéis postrado humildemente ante vuestros pies para implorar vuestro auxilio en mis necesidades. Así como era vuestra mayor dicha ayudar a los pobres y necesitados en la tierra, socorredme, os suplico, oh glorioso San Ramón, en esta mi aflicción. A vos, oh glorioso protector acudo para que bendigáis al hijo que llevo en mi seno. Protegedme a mí y al hijo de mis entrañas ahora y durante el parto que se aproxima. Os prometo educarlo según las leyes y mandamientos de Dios. Escuchad mis oraciones, amante protector mío, San Ramón, y hacedme madre feliz de este hijo que espero dar a luz por medio de vuestra poderosa intercesión. Así sea.



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8 11 2015

Saint Ramon, Pray for Nancy J. and her baby. May the Lord help her and bless her with a healthy pregnancy and baby, amen

11 03 2015

San Ramon Nonato, please help Anna Ruby. She is in a delicate pregnancy.. Please be with her during delivery next month..This I ask in your holy name Amen.

27 05 2014
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17 06 2010
Naomi Clifford

A few years back when I was young and newly wed, my husband who was a professional man, and quite handsome, I might add. Needless to say women chased him and he did not resist. One of these women was threatening my marriage, and an old woman advised me to take a shoe lace from one of his shoes and then take an image of San Ramon and make two little holes one on each side of his feet and tie them with my husbands shoe lace, “he won’t leave you, she said” I did as she said, my husband came home, but he was uneasy, restless, after a year of holding on to him this way, I untied the shoe lace from San Ramon’s feet and let him go, my husband left and never returned. I didn’t want him if it was not of his free will. Naomi

17 12 2009

Who ever needs San Ramon he’s one of the best saints for alot of things try his prayer. Thank you San Ramon for all the favors and all the help for the last 22 years Love you so much. Plus my our Lord Jesus Christ Amen

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