The Feminine Dyad

14 07 2009

At the most fundamental level, the Monad is the Primordial One and the Indefinite Dyad is Primordial Matter, because Prima Materia is the indeterminate, formless, quality-less foundation of all being; She is Sub-stance — She who stands underneath. Like the One, Primordial Matter is ineffable, obscure, dark; therefore They are both called Abyss. Thus, the Goddess of Matter is also called Silence (Sigê), because Silence must precede the Word, the in-forming Logos, embodying the Ideas of the Craftsman. Her role as Mediator between the Father of the Gods and the Demiurge is confirmed by the Chaldean Oracles:

between the Fathers is Hekate’s Center borne.

-John Opsopaus, from A Summary of Pythagorean Theology



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16 07 2009
The Shepherd

The interesting thing about the Neoplatonists and Pythagoreans is that they posit some type of materia/”stuff”,the dyad spoken of here, as co-eternal with God/Monad. The demiurge creates the world and humanity from the formless watery chaos. However, in Christianity we find that the Trinity creates ex nihilo yet the image of the materia/chaos/dyad is there in the form of the abyss. Enough rambling for now but I find the images of chaos from the ancients very intriguing.

14 07 2009
The Scylding

Unrelated: Arturo, I recently visited Batoche, sight of the 1885 Metis ‘rebellion’, and a national monument, but with a Catholic church and graveyard still being used (some photo’s on my blog). I did not observe evidence of “folk Catholicism”, or anything akin to the “Latino” RC’sim you often write about. I know the Metis leader, Louis Riel, was seen by some as a prophet (evidently by himself, too). But the disconnect to other non-European / indigenous froms or expressions of the Roman Catholic faith seems to be there.

Do you have any light to shed on the matter?

14 07 2009
Death Bredon

And you think Theology of the Body is weird!

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