On “False Saints”

8 07 2009


It’s good to see my own personal obsessions get wider attention:

An essay on the relationship between the recent death of Michael Jackson and the hound “St. Guinefort”


a Shrine of the Holy Whapping blog post

As one would expect from a blog associated with First Things, we have a very correct, very sober attitude towards the unruly masses who are not as educated as “we” are. As he writes:

In both cases, the cults were propelled by two engines: the ignorance of the people, and the desire to venerate. As with the angels, we are created as creatures of praise. We seem to be hardwired to praise something, to worship anything. Just as we will eat rotten food and filthy water if no healthy food and clean water are available, we will venerate dogs and celebrities if we see no truly worthy objects of veneration before us.
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