Common Magic

7 07 2009


Everyone practices magic, whether they realize it or not, for magic is the art of attracting particular influences, events, and situations within human life. Magic is a natural phenomenon because the universe is reflexive, responding to human thoughts, aspirations, and desires; students of cosmology, for example, realize that the universe will correspondingly provide evidence for any theory projected upon it. Because of the magical, reflexive nature of reality, a certain amount of awareness is required, for people attract to themselves what they really desire. People who don’t know what they want ususally attract what they need. This may be a seemingly random series of situations and perhaps unhappy events, destined to jolt them to a higher level of awareness in the long run. Since the universe does respond to our innermost desires, true philosophers have always held that one should be idealistic in spirit and perpetually aim to invoke the highest. People who have a low-minded view of things will discover this reflected in the events of their lives, thus confirming their perspective, while others who are high-minded and invoke the spirit of excellence find themselves capable of attracting it.

-David Fideler, Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Christian Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism



3 responses

7 07 2009
Walt C

This reminds me of similar things I’ve read from Robert Anton Wilson, the Sci Fi writer.

7 07 2009

It sounds remotely like “the secret”… I’m not familiar with the Author, but I’d replace “The Universe” with “God” yes?

7 07 2009
Ben George


I was helped in this thinking by “Meditations on the Tarot”, the first chapter in particular, “The Magician.”

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