Vladyka John

16 06 2009

Found via the Byzantine, Texas blog

Because I’ve come a long way…

Well, really, I did venerate his relics in San Francisco. Several times, in fact. Fr. Anastassy once brought out his mandyas for me and some other special pilgrims to venerate some six years ago now. It’s been a long road, I guess. That is why I post this: not so much because I still believe in all of it. More because I wouldn’t want to totally renounce where I have been. To do so is childish. We are who we have been, and part of me still has affection for the guy.

One thing I have realized, however, is that my whole attitude of him being a saint like Catholic saints are saints is childish. I cannot help but think that the walls of the Catholic Church stretch up to Heaven, and indeed, to the Trinity itself. To think otherwise is dishonest. Yes, I venerated those relics once. Would I venerate them now? No. Why? Because it is not given to me to judge. Indeed, at this point in my life, I would rather venerate an image of Jesus Malverde than of John Maximovitch. Why? Because Malverde may have never existed, and if he did, he was a bad Catholic. But at least he did not fight against the Truth. Life is just full of some very hard, very ironic choices.

Bottle Spells

16 06 2009


Lafayette, Louisiana, September 3rd, 2004 :

Among the soda bottles and lost basketballs floating down the Vermilion River, there are things much odder and mysterious.

The Vermilion River could be called a one-way hoodoo highway.

Over the years, more than four dozen ordinary, little brown plastic prescription bottles have been found in the murky water — each filled with blue or pink powder and strange, rambling spells meticulously written on scraps of paper.

Paul LaHaye, the watershed projects manager with the Bayou Vermilion District, oversees the collection of tons of debris pulled from the river each year.

Each time one of the brown bottles surfaces, LaHaye dries out the contents and places them in a plastic baggy or cardboard box labeled “Voodoo,” that sits in his office.

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