Comments from around the Internet

15 06 2009


I am feeling lazy this week, so here are some comments of mine from around the Internet. They touch on themes that I am beating the war drum about right now, but some of these things might be said in mildly interesting ways, so I reproduce them here:

First, a comment of mine on Tim Enloe’s site:

I think the ironic thing about all of these posts is how any type of “convert boom” for the Catholic Church is vastly outweighed by the number of people leaving the Church by the thousands. While overly educated white suburban Evangelicals trickle in and are featured on EWTN, thousands more Latinos and even just run-of-the-mill Joe Catholics in the pew start going to the Four Square Gospel Church down the street, with “powerful preaching” and all kinds of fun activities for the kids. In a lot of ways, the “convert boom” on a cultural level is merely status symbol of being “more cultured and educated” than the rest, reading your issue of First Things after your copy of the New Yorker, and having a bunch of medieval religious art that you don’t treat like the average Catholic treats her home shrines in Guatemala or Poland. In a word, it is all OVERBLOWN. 60% of the time, I don’t even know what it means to be Catholic in 2009. Maybe we need to solve that question before we go on the warpath against Evangelicalism, and using the tools of the virtual altar call as a propaganda tool.
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