Oración al Ajo Macho

30 04 2009


Above: a candle to el Ajo Macho

According to the Tejana Pundit:

I’ve always known that older family members have carried a clove of garlic in their purse or pant pocket. Now that dad is in hospice and we spend alot of time talking, he passed on the meaning of this thing called Ajo Macho (garlic). According to dad, Ajo Macho is believed to be the garlic that was planted on Mount Calvary after the crucifixtion. Thereafter, it became known as “holy garlic”. For generations, many take a piece of the garlic, dip it in holy water, let it dry and wrap in tape or back then a small white piece of cloth and place it in each corner of a room, thereby protecting the dwellers from evil.

It has also been known to be carried in your coin purse or wallet to help with business and finances. Below is the prayer that is to be said when blessing the garlic. I researched this prayer I found in my father’s bible to see if there was an english version, but no dice.

Milagroso ajo, que fuiste puesto en el Monte Calvario donde Jesús murió para darte eterna luz y librarnos de todo mal. Líbrame de cárceles y demonios, cuando mis enemigos intenten matarme o herirme; que sus ojos no me vean, que sus pies no me alcancen, que sus manos no me agarren, que las armas de fuego no disparen, que los cuchillos se desvíen y que el mal no me persiga. Milagroso Ajo de la bondad, retírame envidias, apártame de los enemigos, ayúdame en mi trabajo o negocio, asegúrame del cariño de los que me rodean, así sea, así sea, así será, Amen.

Well, here is the my translation:

Miraculous Garlic put on Mount Calvary where Jesus died to give you eternal light and free us from all evil. Free me from prisons and demons, when my enemies seek to kill or hurt me, may their eyes not see me, may their feet not overtake me, may their hands not grab me, may their guns not fire at me, may their knives miss me and may evil not pursue me. Miraculous Garlic of goodness, take away envies, keep away my enemies, help me at work or in my business. Shield me with the care of those who surround me. So be it, and may it always be.