New World Jihad

28 04 2009

You learn somthing new everyday (and somewhat related to yesterday’s post)…

I stumbled across various references to the Revolta dos Malês, an 1835 slave rebellion in Bahia, Brazil, of Muslim slaves. Led by a Luisa Mahin, a snack vendor who could read and write Arabic, it sought to overthrow slavery in Brazil, enslave all non-Muslims, and create a kingdom governed by Islamic law. Mahin was also responsible for spreading the words of the Prophet Mohammed amongst the slaves. The revolt arose at the end of January and was suppressed within two days. The end of its leader Mahin is unknown to history, though she is known to be the mother of the Brazilian abolitionist, Luis Gama.

Related to this, it is said that santeros (priests of an Afro-Cuban religion) often greet each other with a phrase astoundingly close to the Arabic As-Salamu Alaykum, which has been passed on to them from their African rituals.



One response

28 04 2009
Leyla Jagiella

Yes, intriguing, isn´t it ?!

The history of the Malês fascinated me since my teenage days.
Some few Malê Muslims apparently survived in Bahia up into the 20th century.
Even today there are specific talismans still used by Brazilian Candomble believers which can be traced back to West African Folk Islam.
And there is definitely some connection between the Yoruban/Afro-American Ifa oracles and the Arabic Ilm-ar-Raml oracle, wellknown in Muslim West Africa.

I´d be careful about the claims that the Malê wanted to enslave all non-Muslims (other reports say: enslave all white people, or kill all white people).
Claims like these are easily made by an elite that fears the revolt of its subjects.

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