Oración a María Piedra de Imán

23 04 2009


María Piedra de Imán, encantadora y mineral que con la Samaritanas anduvisteis, hermosura y nombre le diste, suerte y fortuna me traerás, imán, viniste imán, será para resguardo, conmigo estás, te pido oro para mi tesoro, plata para mi casa, y cobre para yo darle a los pobres y como foco de alumbrera que fuiste de la Santísima Virgen María, quiero que seas de la choza mía centinela de mi hogar y de mi personalidad; yo quiero que mi casa sea próspera y feliz y que la buena estrella me guíe y alumbre mi camino, préstame tu magia bienhechora, quiero que me prestes tu talismán, quiero tener poder y dominio para vencer a mis enemigos, quiero que la buena estrella me guíe y alumbre mi camino en recompensa de lo que tú me das; yo te daré la cuenta ámbar, la cuenta de azabache, unos granitos de limadura de acero para que todo me sobre y aumente mi rico sendero, te daré trigo para vencer a mis enemigos, incienso y mirra por el aguinaldo que le dieron los tres Reyes a Jesús amado, y daré a las tres potencias por la virtud de la piedra de Imán Tres Credos y por segunda siete Salves, y por tercera cinco Padre Nuestros y cinco Ave Marías alabando al Señor en este Santo día y diciendo gloria a Dios en las alturas y en la tierra paz a todos los seres de buena voluntad, pan bendito de Dios sagrado que satisface mi alma y limpia mis pecados. Carbón bendito, luz de mi hogar, esto le doy a la bendita Piedra Imán.

Haga su petición, persígnese.

Mary of the Lodestone, enchanter and mineral who dwelled with the Samaritans, beauty and name you gave it, and you will bring me luck and fortune, lodestone, you came a lodestone, it will be for protection, you will be with me, I ask you for gold for my treasure, silver for my house, and copper to give to the poor, and a bright bulb that you were for the Holy Virgin Mary, I want you to be for my resting place a light for my home and my personality; I want my house to be prosperous and happy, and may the good star guide me and light up my path, lend me your good magic, lend me your talisman, I want power and dominion to conquer my enemies, I want the good star to light up my path as a recompense for all that you give me; I will give you some amber, a count of jet black stone, some little grains of steel filings so that all can be surplus and add to my rich path, I will give you wheat in order to conquer my enemies, incense and myrrh that the Three Wise Men gave to beloved Jesus, and I will give to the three powers by the power of the Magnet three Credos, and secondly seven Salves, and thirdly five Pater Nosters and five Ave Marias praising the Lord on this Holy Day, and saying glory to God in the highest and peace unto men of good will, blessed bread of Sacred God that satisfies my soul and cleanses my sins. Blessed coal, light of my home, this I give to the Holy Lodestone.

Make your petition, then the Sign of the Cross.



12 responses

1 02 2011
mariajesus gomez rodriguez

quiero onseguir la piedra mariapiedra del iman adonde lo puedo conseguir gracia

20 12 2010

Thank you.

4 05 2010

Hello Arturo

Since I can remember my mother R.I.P. had one Mary of the Lodestone on a crystal clear small plate. She was Catholic and this stone was very sacred to her. All the things mentioned in the prayer, she would add to the stone, and she never failed to burn incense in the house once a week, usually Saturdays. Also she used to add pennies, dimes and quarters to it. Maybe I will sound incredible but, I remember that Mary of the Lodestone kept adding more little stones on the plate. We weren’t a rich family but my mother had this charisma that the most cheap curtains or home decor that she bought, used to look so fancy and it gave brightened the house like if we were a rich. She had wisdom, helped anybody who was in need and taught her children to believe in God above all things.

6 02 2010
gustavo ramirez

my fater has had some stones since I was a little kid and still has them to this day….he keeps them in an earthen bowl with gold pieces, silver, and some pennies…..i take them out every month and put them in a glass with some whiskey or rum….and lite a candle every Thursday…..he was/is a member of the Rosa Cruz and born in Puerto Rico…..any information that you could send my way to understand all this would be greatful…..he is much older now and doesn’t remember things well…..

26 04 2009
The Shepherd

the Church has always been edgy around magic though, look at St. Cyprian. I don’t think at any point in history would the church been fine with people going to town with the Clavicula Salomonis. I think the important thing to note is that Christians shared in the worldview in which magic takes place…

26 04 2009
Alice C. Linsley

Thanks, Arturo. I could have googled the term, but I was sure that your explanation would be more informative and include examples.

I enjoy your blog.

25 04 2009
Arturo Vasquez

Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention:

AG’s father told me that his father and uncles in southern Louisiana used the Books of Moses for such things as to defend themselves from bullets or blades in the various tussles they would get into, and also to find treasure. So even Catholic Creoles of color would use grimoires, along with (probably) everyone else.

25 04 2009
Arturo Vasquez

Just as the Wikipedia article says, grimoires are essentially magic books or “grammar books” of magical symbols, mostly to manipulate angels or demons. The most common ones in Latin America are the Keys of Solomon and the Book of Sts. Cyprian and Justina. Many of these principles, along with those of Arabic and medieval medicine, trickled down into the folk consciousness of the everyday Mexican. For example, like all Mediterranean cultures, Mexicans have a heightend sense of a relationship between vision, envy, and the well-being of the individual: the infamous “mal de ojo” or evil eye. Also, the various humours are also considered when addressing illness: the hot and cold, the wet and dry, etc. Very common spells are used that are manipulations of demons and angels, such as the rather disturbing “oracion del puro” or cigar spell, and the various prayers to the soul of someone’s guardian angel to control that person. (These are mostly used by women to make men fall in love with them.) Grimoires were even used by “devout” families: in the case of one archbishop who was martyred during the Cristero Rebellion early last century, his sister had a grimoire in her possession, and the family had a long line “curanderos” in their history. Religion really started having problems when magic was separated from faith. People did not think of things in such black and white terms back then, as I will show in later posts.

Another principle at work was the use of names of angels and demons to control them. This is used by Our Lord Himself when He seeks to expel demons; He asked them their names, as it says in the Gospel. Similarly, you will find such examples of invoking the names of angels and demons to control them. There are folk practices in Latin America that seem almost Kabbalistic in many ways, as well as mixed with Spiritism, African religion, and indigenous belief. A lot of the weirder things, however, are thoroughly of an “Old World” origin: Europeans just didn’t bring their “orthodox” religion, but their “unorthodox” beliefs and practices as well.

25 04 2009

Alice: as a start, check out the Wikipedia article:


25 04 2009
Alice C. Linsley

This prayer makes me think of ideas and images that I’ve read in Paulo Coelho’s novels. He employs “ancient wisdom”, alchemy, etc.

I’m reminded also of “the Rock that begot you” (Deut. 32:18) and the claim that “their rock is not like our Rock” (Deut. 32:31).

Please explain “grimoires”. I am unfamiliar with that term.

24 04 2009
Arturo Vasquez

Interesting, though I don’t think the people who made this prayer put that much thought into it. (They may have: Latin American religion is filled with references to grimoires and other “ancient wisdom” principles taken from such works as the Key of Solomon, the Books of Moses, etc.) The only other reference I have seen about this prayer is that it is effective in keeping away gobblins as well.

I post these prayers not because I want people to pray them, but mostly because I think it is important that people know that they exist. One should never leave one’s criterion at the door when examining them.

24 04 2009
Alice C. Linsley

Arturo, what do you make of the magnetic stone that dwelt with the Samaritans? This is very suggestive, isn’t it?

The chiefs among Abraham’s people were metal workers who knew the magnetic properties of iron particles. By this means they were able to determine true north. As their 2 wives lived in separate settlements on a north-south axis, this would have been important. It made it possible to be “rightly oriented” to the Creator.

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