Don Juan del Dinero: A Folk Saint for Our Times

16 03 2009


Well, not really a folk saint. More like a benevolent spirit in the cult of Maria Lionza in Venezuela. Here is his “prayer”, in case you are remotely interested:

Yo (diga su nombre) invoco a la sublime influencia del Santo Nombre de Dios Todopoderoso y de Don Juan del Dinero para que me brindes protección y ayuda, para que me libres de la pobreza y la estrechez, me proveas de abundancia y felicidad, que brille para mí la estrella de la buena suerte y la fortuna y el éxito me acompañe en todo lo que emprenda, bajo tu amparo me acojo. Don Juan del Dinero, no me dejes en el olvido y siempre estés junto a mí. Amen.

I (name) invoke the sublime influence of the Holy Name of Almighty God and Don Juan del Dinero so that you may offer me protection and help, so that you may free me from poverty and need, that you provide me with abundance and happiness, that the star of good luck shine for me and may fortune and success accompany me in all that I set out to do, under your patronage I place myself. Don Juan del Dinero, do not leave me in forgetfulness and always be by my side. Amen.

Just thought I’d share, in case you want to have a “folk saint” bailout of your own,



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