Eastern Catholicism – Part II

19 02 2009

And one from Father Moses:

De Magia

19 02 2009


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But why do we think that Love is a magician? Because the whole power of magic consists in love. The work of magic is the attraction of one thing by another because of a certain affinity of nature. But the parts of the world, like the parts of a single animal, all deriving from a single author, are joined to each other by the communion of a single nature. Therefore just as in us the brain, lungs, heart, liver, and the rest of the parts draw something from each other, and help each other, and sympathize with any one of them when it suffers, so the parts of the great animal, that is all the bodies of the world, similarily joined together, borrow and lend natures to and from each other. From this common relationship is born a common love; from love, a common attraction. And this is the true magic.

-Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plato’s Symposium on Love

On the Founder

19 02 2009


I just read John Zmirak’s latest on Inside Catholic on the scandal of Fr. Marcial Maciel and the Legionaries of Christ, among other things. The general sentiment behind it, as the opening lines explicitly say, is that it is not a great time to be Catholic. With a sex scandal in one of leading “conservative” religious orders in the Church, the hubbub over Bishop Williamson’s eccentric views, the almost open rumblings of the a rebellious episcopate in Europe, and the general malaise of the world in general, the Church in the world’s eye is in a bit of a funk. Gone are the years of “JPII, we luv u” and other ecclesiastical hype. We now have a church that is no longer led by a photogenic leader, weakened by scandals, and with many bishops giving a quiet “non serviam” to Benedict’s more reactionary measures. The “santo subito” cries are seldom heard, and the cults of personality seem to be slowly dying away.
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