The Indefinite Dyad

10 02 2009


According to Pythagorean doctrine, the Essence of Kronos is to Remain (or Abide), but Rhea has the Power to cause Him to Proceed beyond Himself. However, He must eventually Revert to His Essence to preserve His Identity… In this way the determining, form-imparting power of the Monad emanates outward to inform Matter, but it preserves its form by looking back toward its origin. For if this Procession were to continue without Limit, all Form would be lost in the dark abyss of indefinite chaotic Matter.

Kronos’ essence is to remain Himself, but Rhea has the power to create another, and so from Them Zeus is born. Thus the three phases, Remaining, Proceeding, Reverting, create the Tridynamos, the Threefold Power of the Triune Godhead – Kronos, Rhea, and Zeus – and we read in the Chaldean Oracles:

The World, which saw Thee, Threefold Monad, worshipped Thee.
This means that the Monad contains the Triad of Father, Mother, and Son.

-John Opsopaus, from the Summary of Pythagorean Theology



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3 09 2009
Bill Bartmann

Cool site, love the info.

12 02 2009

I have a question about Santa Muerte that isn’t related to Pythagoras or paganism. In the newest issue of Newsweek, there’s an article about organizations and individuals trying to help young men get out of Latino gangs in California. One of the pictures shows a pretty big statue of Santa Muerta with a blue bandana around her (?) neck in a house that a would-be ex-gang member was staying. When looking to the article for further exposition from a young man who was staying at said residence, all he said was that the statue (which was just identified as being that of the grim reaper) was a symbol of the neighborhood, which was called Deadtown or some like that. Is there some kind of “religion ghost” in this story that Newsweek isn’t picking up?

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