Dvořák’s Te Deum

14 01 2009



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15 01 2009

I had to mute American Idol to give it a good listen, but I still prefer Charpentier.

Your thoughts on the Flemish Renaissance would be appreciated.

14 01 2009
Terpsichore, Lusitana Combatente

Yea… I understand!
Arturo Michelangeli was the first person who gave me some glimpse, some seconds of being touched by Brahms.

I have some plans about related issues to bring up in a Ilha dos amores.

I also loved your Béjart ballet!! So much to do at a blog… 🙂 I had allready things of Béjart in another blog.. I was trying to keep it all apart.
But now I gave it up, and bring it all to one blog – other wise it’s impossible. 🙂

14 01 2009
Arturo Vasquez

Dvorak is the only composer from the nineteenth century (aside from Chopin) that I can stand listening to for more than five minutes. True, I will go to a concert of Brahms or even an opera by Wagner, but only as an extraordinary event, like going to a wedding or a funeral. I wouldn’t want to listen to this stuff all of the time.

14 01 2009
The Scylding

Dvorak is a favourite of mine, too.

BTW, I started to write (as promised) on the topic of “Being civilised” on my blog.

14 01 2009
Terpsichore, Lusitana Combatente

And most of all his Te Deum!!!!

14 01 2009
Terpsichore, Lusitana Combatente

I like Dvorak SOOOO much! It looks like you gess

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