Lee Hamilton’s post on artificial contraception

12 01 2009


A must read from a gentleman whose thoughts deserve wider circulation. Here is an excerpt:

Yet even while acknowledging the fundamental truths upon which it is based, the new ideological tinge of this “Catholic natalism” sometimes makes me uneasy. Some of its manifestations strike me as a novel, unorthodox and peculiar flirtation with some sort of newfangled “Catholic eugenics”. The posters of young Catholic families, the strapping ‘Eddie Bauer’ dad smiling at perfect little baby while wholesome-but-hot mom gazes knowingly out at the viewer (or smiles down at “her two boys”), elicit an ambivalent reaction from me. The atomic families depicted are models of suburban bourgeois propriety and isolation – absent is the healthy cacophony and purposeful chaos of the traditional extended family. I’m referring to the grandparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins, black sheep and beloved strays who make up the natural family network in all human societies, and who have always shared in the labour of love that is the nourishing of life.

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