Why Sarita Colonia is venerated by the prostitutes of Lima

7 01 2009


Un día la santita iba caminando por una callejuela del Callao, cuando le salieron por delante unos hombres. Querían robarle y le revisaron los bolsillos. No encontrando nada de valor, decidieron violarla. Ella no se resistió; les dejó que rompan su vestido y la tumben al suelo. Pero cuando esos hombres abrieron sus piernitas, no les quedó más remedio que persignarse. El sexo había desaparecido. No tenía nada entre las piernas: era como un codo. Nada.

One day, the young saint was walking through an alleyway of Callao, when a bunch of men surrounded her. They wanted to rob her and they went through her pockets. They found nothing of any worth, so they decided to rape her. She didn’t resist them; she let them tear off her dress and they knocked her to the ground. But when those men opened her legs, they were shocked and made the Sign of the Cross.  Her feminine organ had disappeared. She had nothing between her legs: it was like an elbow. Nothing.

-found on this site

This more than likely never happened, but it is interesting nonetheless.



One response

8 01 2009

I don’t think that it should be at all surprising that prostitutes should have a folk saint. If Catholicism has truly penetrated all levels of society, then it is natural that every part of society, both the good and the bad, will have their own pantheon of saints.

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