Are we really dumber?

2 01 2009


I found this article via the Conservative Blog for Peace. It seems that pundits are calling people my age the “dumbest generation”. I may have no problem admitting that. However, as in all things, I think context is key to truly understanding the issue.

Apparently, the argument goes that people who are 18-30 years of age know nothing about politics, history, geography, or anything else deemed to be “high culture”. I will tell you that this is completely true. Just looking at my younger siblings or even most of the kids I went to school with, their knowledge of such things is limited to non-existent. Whenever I go to classical music concerts or anything of that nature, the crowd is often geriatric compared to the general population. (This was even worse when I was an eighteen year old college student going to the opera.) So superficially, this article is completely right, though the question then becomes: “so what?”
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