On Family

26 12 2008


I know I promised those who are still reading a present, but that fell through. Truth be told, I am beginning to have second thoughts about this whole blog thing, just because it feels like I am just spinning my wheels a lot of times. It’s like the various times of my life where I write poetry: a lot of times some of the poems I write are good, others not so good. I usually stop at the point where I feel that I am writing the same poem over and over and over again. Blogging is a little more forgiving since you can post what other people write and merely comment on it, or you can post videos, poems from others, etc. I am trying to write things for a wider audience other than this blog, though that requires more time and attention. If I ever do get a wider audience, chances are that this blog will still remain for all of my ideas that are too off-the-wall for anyone else to publish. A lot of what follows will be some of those ideas:

AG being out of town, I was free to go home to Hollister for Christmas. What I attended on Christmas Eve (Noche Buena), somewhat half asleep, was the familial ceremony known as the “Ceremonia para acostar y arrullar al Niño Dios”, which is when the family gets together, sings songs, and puts the Divine Child in His crib. The most touching part is when, while some were chatting after the rosary, my grandmother began to sing a lullaby to the Infant Jesus while holding Him in her arms. Touching, but that’s just what Mexican grandmothers do. They also feed you. The reason I was half-asleep was because I had eaten myself into a tamale-induced food coma.
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