The Chinese Pipa

16 12 2008

As played by Wu Man



2 responses

17 12 2008

I take it this is not a traditional piece.

I once heard a “war song” played on a pipa that would’ve made Alban Berg happy.

16 12 2008
Ben George

I love the pipa, and I love to watch it being played.

A story: I was once hanging out with some friends in China. Well, not friends so much as random Americans. On the TV a show began, a musical review much like the YouTube link you posted. A woman was playing the pipa, I had never actually seen the pipa being played, it was so beautiful. One of the Americans said “THIS IS GARBAGE!” and he turned on his stereo. “THIS IS REAL MUSIC” he bellowed as he began to play Enya(!!) of all things, as loud as the stereo could go. I begged him to turn it off, so I could watch the pipa. He refused. The pipa show ended. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so close to wanting to his someone on the head with a chair. I wasn’t simply annoyed, I really felt that he was something evil that needed to be put in its place.

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