19 11 2008


In Panama, Aguilera Patino speaks of Seniles, a man who was punished for not respecting the sacred command to not to slaughter animals on Good Friday. He was banished to the far ends of the countryside, where his duty is to herd and protect animals hurt by the hand of man. He shows the animals where they can find good watering holes, the safest pastures, the most comfortable places to sleep, and he protects them from hunters on Good Friday.

-Felix Coluccio, Cultos y Canonizaciones Populares de Argentina

One of the major ways for someone to become a folk saint in Latin America is to help people find their lost animals. More to come later.



2 responses

20 11 2008
random Orthodox chick

You and your teasers. I’d be interested, since in the life of the more well-known saints, animals play a big part.

19 11 2008
Phillip J. Fry

That is cool. I have to say…

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