On the Simplicity of Truth

11 11 2008


You often ask me, Antonio, to define the virtues for you, expecting from me perhaps those very detailed analyses of the Aristotelians and Stoics. Calderini, this is not the way of our school of Plato. Surely, the power of virtue lies in unity rather than in division. Hence, the Pythagoreans held that unity belonged to the good, diversity to evil. So I shall be very brief in my definition, especially as it is better to practice the virtues than to know about them.

-Marsilio Ficino, from the book, Meditations on the Soul

I really like reading Josh S.’ blog, not because of how much I agree with him, but rather because of how much I disagree with him. In a sense, the way he puts things is really the way most modern Western people would put them, just without the often hypocritical nuances. Those nuances only try to mask the real similarities between supposedly disparate worldviews. In reality, the modern Lutheran, the modern Roman Catholic, and the modern atheist inhabit the same moral and metaphysical universe. It is simply one that I personally refuse to live in.
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