Regnum Mortis

10 11 2008

Part IV – A Literary Excursion

On my Death-centered excursion to the Mission District, one of the only souvenirs I picked up was a magazine devoted to the cult of Santa Muerte. As I described before, it is a glossy publication full of advertisments from mainstream sources. Sort of like Good Housekeeping or Sports Illustrated with skeletons. Lots of skeletons. Instead of recipes for a low-fat lasagna, it has lots of recipes for casting spells to get more money, to get a love-interest to take notice of you, or even to get your kid to do better in school. (I will have to wait for the special edition where they show you how to use the skeleton spirit to put curses on people. Maybe it’s like the SI Swimsuit Issue.) For those of you wanting to look up this publication in the Library of Congress, the magazine in question is produced in Mexico City and is called, DevociĆ³n a la Santa Muerte. The issue I will be talking about is number 93, which I picked because it has an article on the historical background on the cult.
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