Bloody Penances

27 10 2008

I completely forgot to talk about the flagellants and other Holy Week traditions in southern Italy, as well as other folk traditions such as the professional mourning women and the dragging on the tongue on the floor. The point that Carroll makes is that the practices shown above in the video as well as other extravagances of Italian folk Catholicism often were introduced by preaching orders during the Counter-Reformation and far from “medieval” in origin. The things that we regard as “most pagan” in traditional Catholicism were often the products of early modern theological insights.



One response

28 10 2008

Ah, the days when the theologians and preachers actually related theology to practice to shore up Catholicism.

The Counter-Reformation may have sanitized alot of Marian devotion, but they did add to the mix in other areas.

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