Hey, you can’t paint that!

22 10 2008

A Baroque Latin American artist’s rendition of the Most Holy Trinity from the Ecce Ego… blog. Search this blog for posts on Filipino folk Catholicism.

Makes me want to finally buy my own picture of la Mano Poderosa, along with novena booklet:

I wish they spoke about that stuff on the Catholic Answers website. You know, the important stuff.

Also, see this post about a convert coming to terms with the ol’ timers of the Catholicism. Good reading.

Traditional Christianity as Magic

22 10 2008

Fearsome Pirate gives us some food for thought:

I first noticed this when he talked about the monasteries in Russia. The first word he used to describe monks was “powerful.” The fastidious life of monks allows them to tap into great power and profoundly shape invisible realities–it really sounds a bit Star Wars the way he talks about it–and they basically live on a higher plane than the rest of us. At one particular monastery, they have saved bread cooked by a particularly powerful monk hundreds of years ago and bake it into new loaves in order to distribute the holy energy to others. Icons work a similar way–by being painted the right way, blessed with the right words, and anointed with the right reagents, they too are imbued with great power, many of them with miraculous healing power.

He has read my mind. Stay tuned for next week…

Jean-Philippe Rameau – Platée

22 10 2008