Perfect Church, Perfect State, Perfect World

17 10 2008

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It is irrational to expect a perfect Church if you yourself are a complete mess. It is foolish to want a perfect form of government if you have been a failure at governing yourself. It is absurd to expect a perfect or at a least better world if your own life is far from perfect. To get yourself worked up over things that do not immediately concern you is thus the highest vanity: it is to divert attention from the fostering of the self in order to direct the blame for evil onto something else. It is in the end a form of shirking responsibility for your own actions and it leads nowhere.

People today are obsessed with the better, when they should really be obsessed with the good.

The best way not to be a victim of history is to learn to transcend it, and that is a very personal task.



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18 10 2008
Peter John

I have actually thought along the same lines lately as well. How easy it is to be critical of others, of “the world”, of the Church, of the Liturgy. Yet how often we give our own faults a free pass, our lukewarmness is seen as sufficient, our interior life is left uncultivated. I think it is to a great deal an imbalance between pride and humility. If only we would become Saints, we others would change, the world would change, the Church would change, the Liturgy would change … … We only have ourselves to blame.

17 10 2008

This is one of the most profound and true statements (aside from the Bible) that I have heard this week. I have many differences with the Catholic religion, but this comment is spot on! thanks for Sharing!

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