Perfect Church, Perfect State, Perfect World

17 10 2008

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It is irrational to expect a perfect Church if you yourself are a complete mess. It is foolish to want a perfect form of government if you have been a failure at governing yourself. It is absurd to expect a perfect or at a least better world if your own life is far from perfect. To get yourself worked up over things that do not immediately concern you is thus the highest vanity: it is to divert attention from the fostering of the self in order to direct the blame for evil onto something else. It is in the end a form of shirking responsibility for your own actions and it leads nowhere.

People today are obsessed with the better, when they should really be obsessed with the good.

The best way not to be a victim of history is to learn to transcend it, and that is a very personal task.

Robert Ashley

17 10 2008

The beginning of a film on avant-garde composer Robert Ashley’s magnum opus, Perfect Lives. It is the American “opera” par excellence.