The Secret of Roman Catholicism

11 10 2008

The genius of Roman Catholicism is that for the first 1,962 years it never let theology get in the way of religion. Since then, theology has run amock, and we have been trying to clean things up ever since. More to come later…



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12 10 2008
Arturo Vasquez

Dr. Liccione,

I will never tire of saying the following:

Reformers of all types and in all circumstances have a very high estimation of the ideal that they are striving for but a very low estimation of their own incompetence when it comes to implementing it. One should thus not be surprised if everything turns out worse than it was at the beginning of the experiment. That has been proved over and over again in the human saga. When contemplating the reforms of the 1960’s in relationship to the Protestant Reformation, a famous phrase is evoked in my head again from, of all people, Karl Marx. “Events occur in history, as it is, twice… the first time as tragedy; the second as farce.” You are invited to draw the appropriate conclusions from that.

But like I said, more on this later…

12 10 2008

Matt K:

Actually, the practice of religion (the lex orandi), played a very large part in defeating Arianism.

12 10 2008
Michael Liccione

Ah yes, dat’ ol’ debbil Vatican II.

I don’t buy it. The theological developments that emerge in the V2 documents were good, even if the docs themselves were not always written as clearly and unambiguously as they might have been. The problem was not too much theology and too little aesthetics. The problem was simply that too many people in collars and habits were adolescents who had never had a chance to rebel.

12 10 2008
Arturo Vasquez

I mean, theology never really determined how the religion would end up looking. In other words, unlike the Protestants, how our religion looks and feels is not determined by theological fads or systems. At least not until Vatican II.

12 10 2008
Matt K

Oh, I don’t know, what about the Arian controversy?

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