Because Catholic traditionalism isn’t traditional enough

2 10 2008

Forty days before the Monday after Pentecost, a pure white plough ox was released from all work and trained for the festa. The training consisted in training the ox to “genuflect” in response to the pressure on his neck and accustoming him to bear the weight of a young child. On Pentecost Sunday, the ox – accompanied by the crowd- was brought into the church of San Pietro… and was made to genuflect before San Zopito’s statue.

At some point, of course, the ox would defectate. This usually happened during the procession but would sometimes occur while the ox was still in the church. It was commonly believed that the abundance of the next harvest would depend on the amount of manure evacuated.

-Michael P. Carroll, Madonnas that Maim: Popular Catholicism in Italy Since the Fifteenth Century

Because nothing says tradition more than your livestock crapping on the floor of a church…

All I have to say is Clown Mass, eat your heart out!