Real Life

1 10 2008

It is no less ridiculous to be shocked by these things than it is to complain because you get splashed in the baths, or get shoved around in a public place, or that you get dirty in muddy places. What happens in life is exactly like what happens in the baths, in a crowd, or on a muddy road….. Life is not for delicate souls.

-Seneca, Letters to Lucilius

The gaping jaws of a lion, poison, and everything unpleasant- mud, thorns and so forth- are accessory consequences of these sacred and venerable things on high. Don’t imagine, then, that these things are foreign to the principle that you venerate, but rather rise up by your rational power to the source of all things.

-Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations

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One response

1 10 2008
Andrea Elizabeth

Shell shocked people have a low tolerance for these types of jolts. I don’t know how much it is necessary that they become able to rise above it all by their rational powers in this life. Well, maybe realizing that that the initial shock is disproportionate to the immediate cause is a way to rationalize an involuntary reaction and thus calm one’s self down.

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