Coming out of the desert

31 08 2008

The classical model of religion, the evolutionary model, states that man started out worshipping nothing. Then, he started fearing the lightening strikes and strange sounds in the forest at night, and began to dream up the world of spirits, ghosts, and other malevolent or benevolent unseen forces that affected his life. These forces later were attributed to particular places: groves, caves, and meadows. Then man began to promote these spirits to the rank of what we now know as gods, and eventually, after a sort of survival of the fittest amongst these gods, one god emerged in certain societies to become the only god. That, of course, is as far as religion goes. The process goes further towards Spinoza’s deus sive natura, then just natura, then nothing at all. Man has run the religious gauntlet and come out on the other end free of his religious neurosis.
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