On touch and sight

22 08 2008

Entras otra vez como música, como luz,
música sin ondas acústicas, luz sin fotones.
Caricia sin el tacto, sólo la pura caricia.
El que inventó el sexo
¿no sabrá amar?

-Ernesto Cardenal

You enter the room again like music, like light,
Music without sound waves, light without photons,
Caress without touch, only the pure caress.
The man who invented sex,
Will he know how to love?

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3 responses

25 08 2008

Aren’t you worried about sophomoric imbeciles who think that any such rendering of a woman is ‘lustful’?

25 08 2008

Aren’t you worried about the immature Traddies getting lustful after your artistic views of naked women?

23 08 2008

“The man who invented sex”

Didn’t God invent sex?

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