The saints today have a lot of work to do

21 08 2008

[Note: I translated this article because it makes a few good points that I think need to be said. However, I acknowledge that this article has a profoundly anti-clerical tenor. In the end, I really didn’t feel competent to separate the wheat from the chaff. I leave it then to the reader to decide. The original can be found here]

From the Correo de Salem by Eduardo González Viaña

There are so many saints in Peru that when a Peruvian dies, heaven should seem more or less a familiar place.

Let us begin in 1581. In that year, a new archbishop, Toribio de Mogrovejo, arrived in Peru. He immediately began to make pastoral visits. A little above Lima, in Quives, he confirmed a pretty little girl by the name of Isabel Flores de Oliva (1586-1617). Rosita, as she was called, returned to the City of Kings with her parents to reside in the neighborhood of San Sebastian. In that same parish, six years before, Martin of Porras was baptized.

Martin had a great friend from the Recoleta de Santa María Magdalena whose name was Juan Macias. Together they listened to the sermons of the eloquent Franciscan friar Francisco Solano. These five, Toribio, Rosa, Martin, Juan, and Francisco, were elevated to the altars and were the first saints of Peru.
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