El aire de basura

22 07 2008

 The Metaphysics of Sex in Mexican Folk Magic

Magica operari non est aliud quam maritare mundum

(To perform magic is nothing other than to marry the world)

-Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

As I said in a previous post, for all the talk of modern society’s liberation and new appreciation of the body, ours is perhaps the least corporeal existence in all of history. Ours is a very sanitized and safe way of life here in the First World, and any talk of being delivered from this “vale of tears” is often reduced to pious rhetoric, an afterthought that may occur to the very unlucky whose children will come down with a rare form of cancer. Tragedy and sickness are not supposed to touch us anymore, and if they do, we cover it up, put it away, and try to forget about it as soon as possible. (Anyone who has visited a convalescent home will be well aware of what I am talking about.) What has happened here in my contention is not a new appreciation of the body, but a Promethean attempt at disarmament of the dangers of corporeal nature. In the past, however, great respect was paid to this falleness, to the point that the body was not merely something unreliable that could break down due to illness, but outright dangerous in and of itself.
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