Night Song

18 07 2008

(I posted this here on my old blog over a year ago now, but I thought I would re-post it as a re-run.)

Brother John of the Cross laughed raucously at my anecdote about the United States, as he always tended to do when I told stories of my homeland.

“You Americans,” he said, “Hollywood. The movies…”

He would always like it when I spoke only a few words of English to him. Most seminarians there had grown up watching American movies, and only in Spain are they ever dubbed into English. For the most part, kids from other countries can read the subtitles of English films almost as fast as we can listen to the words. This was to the point that I really had to watch what I said around them (not that I interjected things in English often, but the wrong interjection would be understood by all). Still, my Spanish was still quite good, and most days I forgot that I ever spoke English.
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At a Glance

18 07 2008

Even in this world, we know a great deal about people even when they are silent, through their eyes. There [i.e. in the intelligible world], however, the whole body is pure, and each person is like an eye; there is nothing hidden or fabricated, but before one person speaks to another, the latter has already understood just by looking at him.

Plotinus, as cited by Pierre Hadot

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