Mary – Sea – Flame

15 07 2008

Soneto del Dulce Nombre de María

Si el mar que por el mundo se derrama
tuviera tanto amor como agua fría,
se llamaría, por amor, María
y no tan sólo mar, como se llama.

Si la llama que el viento desparrama,
por amor se quemara noche y dia,
esta llama de amor se llamaría
María, simplemente en vez de llama.

Pero ni el mar de amor inundaría
con sus aguas eternas otra cosa
que los ojos del ser que sufre y ama,

ni la llama de amor abrasaría,
con su energía misericordiosa,
sino el alma que llora cuando llama

-Francisco Luis Bernárdez

(Sonnet of the Sweet Name of Mary

If the sea that is spilled throughout the world
Had as much love in it as cold water
It would be named because of that love, “Mary”
And not only “sea” as it is now named.

If the flame that was tossed about by the wind
Burned day and night for love,
This flame of love would be called
“Mary”, instead of just being called flame.

But not even the sea of love would flood
With its eternal waters any other thing
Than the eyes of the being that suffers and loves.

Nor would the flame of love encompass
With its merciful energy
Anything else but the soul that cries when she calls.)



One response

19 07 2008

This is lovely. For two years I went to a high school named “Agua Fria,” and now everytime I think of it, I’ll think of this poem.

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