A Creole Custom

3 07 2008

If a child was very ill, the Catholic Creoles [of Louisiana] vowed him to the Virgin Mary, which meant the wearing of white-and-blue garments or else a white and blue cord around the waist for a certain length of time. Some children wore their cords until grown.

-taken from Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Collection of Louisiana Folk Tales



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14 07 2008
M.J. Ernst-Sandoval

This was also done in New Mexico. Buy a used copy of Cleofas Jaramillo’s Shadows of the Past/ Sombras del pasado on AbeBooks.com. They usually run like $5.

5 07 2008

Interesting. Our own national hero Jose Rizal was vowed to the Virgin of La Naval (aka, Santissimo Rosario) by his mother, so that is why he never once wrote one word against the Blessed Virgin, despite holding ideas antagonistic to the Church in the Philippines’ fight for independence.

4 07 2008
Arturo Vasquez

The book didn’t say.

4 07 2008

Was this arrangement for life?

3 07 2008

Not so different from wearing a scapular, I suppose…

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