¡Ay caray! I hope this isn’t true

30 06 2008

And those Catholics that are staying in the Catholic Church are redefining their churches, giving it a Latino makeover of sorts, including more lively music and a more natural embracement of the mystical. A growing majority of these Catholics refer to themselves as “Charismatic” and share with evangelicals the belief in God’s intervention in the everyday in the form of supernatural phenomena such as speaking in tongues, miraculous healings and relevations (and you thought selling Sábado Gigante to your client was tough).

-from this site

Of course, I suspect that it is, as I have said in the past.

In any event, I have been thinking recently that if one of the only reasons that the Church is growing in the United States is due to the influx of immigrants, and most of those immigrants are Latinos, then where are all of the Latino Catholic bloggers? Don’t get me wrong: I am not one of those people who thinks that only a person of a certain race, ethnicity, gender, etc. can understand the problems and perspectives of that group (I’m a Platonist, afterall). But it would be nice to see more bloggers whose religious backgrounds do not come from the American suburbs, perhaps a generation or two removed from the Catholic ghettos of yesteryear. And let’s face it, a disproportionate number of Catholic bloggers are converts and it shows. That’s why the Catholic blogosphere is a bit boring for me.

If you know any Latino/Hispanic/etc. Catholic bloggers, please forward me a link. So far, one of the only ones I know is my cuate over at Roamin’ Catholic, and he’s nuevomejicano, so his family has been in this country probably a lot longer than all of yours. Maybe I can start my own blog ring.

I’m out. ¡Arriba Coahuila, paisa!



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8 03 2010

My question is…Where did you get that amazing print of Jose Guadalupe Posada…I have been looking a very long time for just that image! Any leads would be amazing. Thank you.

1 07 2008
Robert Thomas Llizo

“If you know any Latino/Hispanic/etc. Catholic bloggers, please forward me a link. So far, one of the only ones I know is my cuate over at Roamin’ Catholic, and he’s nuevomejicano, so his family has been in this country probably a lot longer than all of yours. Maybe I can start my own blog ring.”

I guess I woulnd’t count, being Latino, yes (Cuban), but Orthodox; nevertheless, I do enjoy your blog, and will be a frequent visitor, and post an occasional comment, if it please you. 🙂

Bueno, chico, matenga la fe, compay! 😉


1 07 2008

That’s why the Catholic blogosphere is a bit boring for me.

Well, when we Cradles blog, we prefer to blog about art, music, literature, politics–anything but religion. We get enough of the religious stuff on other people’s blogs. LOL!

1 07 2008
Arturo Vasquez


Apparently, I am an SSPX supporter. The only problem that I have with it is that I only read the Bible in Latin (not very well, but most English translations grate on me) and have a general anti-clerical streak. It was fun, though.

1 07 2008

I have wondered why it is that the world’s most diverse religion has the most homogeneous blogosphere. Of course a lot of it has to do with Internet access and people who care enough about the pointing out the differences between the “Syllabus of Errors” and the documents of Vatican II. Many (if not most) devout Catholics could really care less about the kinds of things that are discussed online. I’ve often thought about starting my own blog. I’d call it “Not a Sassy Black Woman” and it would be filled with all my non-sassy black Catholic thoughts. Or not. I don’t want to toot my own horn so to speak, but I did address this issue in a class project with my Cyber Catholic Avatars (http://www.lcc.gatech.edu/~lmickens3/quiz.html). I don’t know if anyone else would find it funny, but I thought it was hilarious. Then again, I was the only Catholic in the class. Inside joke, I suppose. The quiz is pretty lame, but it was a nessesary evil.

30 06 2008
Arturo Vasquez

I couldn’t really say that I was a convert, since I was raised in a very Catholic home. I don’t know if a six month stay in continuing Anglicanism would be enough time for a “reversion” to be necessary. Besides, there are a lot of details that will never be revealed to those who read this blog…

But your point is taken: most people don’t like to write, and fewer are deluded enough to think they are good enough that people would actually want to read what they write down. That is where the “inner diva” comes in, and I don’t think anyone needs convincing that I have one of Diana Ross-proportions.

But still, there has to be another bald-headed, church-going barrio kid somewhere who likes to blog as well. And I am determined to find him.

30 06 2008
Matt K

You should encourage your family members to blog! 😉

Seriously, though, I think you kind of answered your own question: it’s mostly the converts who care enough to blog (including you — am I wrong in saying that this blog was started as a way of thinking out loud about your own conversion?). People who live in a Catholic culture and who have been Catholic all their lives feel no need to get online (or elsewhere) and talk all about it. This is my experience with all the Irish, Mexican, Polish, Italian, etc. Catholics I know (from all generations and backgrounds).

I am reminded of a time when I was riding in a car with my friend and his mother. They live in inner-city Chicago; the family is Italian-Mexican-Polish, hardcore Catholic of course (they have pictures (plural) of JP II hanging in their house, draped with rosaries, for example). But when riding in the car I asked the mother if she ever listened to the Catholic radio station and I received an uncomfortable “no…” followed by silence. Her faith was not something she felt comfortable talking about, despite her strong belief and devout practice.

Plus, blogging is mostly a puerile activity, I think, so most grown adults have no desire to engage in it. Blogs with serious content on them like yours or Daniel Mitsui’s are the diamonds in the rough… most bloggers, like me, just want to spout off when they’re bored at work 🙂

30 06 2008
Arturo Vasquez

Note: I should postface these comments by saying that I am well aware of the existence of Catholic blogs from Spanish-speaking countries and I occassionally read them. Having lived in Latin America, however, I know that people of Latin American descent in this country are really Americans in all senses of the word and face their own issues, obstacles, and have their own stories to tell. Where are they? It is a crucial part of the story of the Roman Catholic Church in this country that I feel is not being told.

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