28 06 2008

In the midst of these things, if you want to assign all the reasons which led Moses to command the Hebrews to be at leisure on the Sabbath, perhaps you will discover behind it a more sublime and secret allegory: the day of Saturn unfit for action in peace and war but fit for contemplation and for beseeching divine patronage on that same day against dangers. Abraham and Samuel and most of the Hebrew astrologers testified that they were able to acheive this aid against the menace of Mars and Saturn by elevating their minds to God and by vows and sacrifices, thus confirming that rule of the Chaldeans: “If you lift up your ardent mind to a work of piety, you will preserve your weak body”… It would be very worthwhile to explore that Hebrew notion, namely that in ritual slaughter of animals and in the scattering of our possesions as a sacrifice, the evils menacing us from the heavens are deflected from us to our possesions.

-Marsilio Ficino, De Vita Coelitus Comparanda



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