The Parody of Paganism in the Postmodern World

21 06 2008

Part I- Prayer flags over Emeryville

Driving towards the lab that AG currently works at in Emeryville, if one looks up, one will behold a strange sight. Atop a somewhat tall building, one will see various colorful banners flowing in the wind. Unless you were to pay attention, you wouldn’t really notice what they are or what precisely they are doing there. Come closer to the building where AG actually works, and you will see these flags again, this time at ground level. Again, if you drive right past them, you will barely notice them. One day, when AG had to stop by her job to do something, I got out of the car and took a closer look at these banners. They were all sorts of colors, and they had a strange script and pictures of various Buddhas on them. I concluded then that they were Tibetan. Had the city of Emeryville, then, converted to Lamaist Buddhism, seeing as such religious symbols were on a public sidewalk, and were to be seen high aloft this industrial city by the bay?
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