Handel’s Ariodante

16 06 2008

AG (who is posting again, by the way) and I just came home from seeing this work at the San Francisco Opera. The staging was much more orthodox than the one shown above, and was a real treat. (Though never go to a matinee if you are accustomed to having a lazy Sunday afternoon. I fell asleep during one of the arias.)




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16 06 2008

Memories, memories….

Years ago, my husband and I took in a concert performance (what else is there?) of Handel’s oratorio Athalia, which is based on a Racine play, based in turn on a pretty colorful Old Testament episode.

The venue was Boston’s Jordan Hall, which is pretty intimate as venues go. At a certain point in the performance, my husband (then my fiance’) fell fast asleep and began snoring audibly. People started glowering at us, which was pretty embarrassing. In fact, all things considered, I could empathize with one of the characters, a Bad Guy, who was singing, “Open O earth and be my gra-a-a-a-a-ave, be my gra-a-a-a-a-ave.” (Afterward, my husband did a pretty funny parody of that particular riff. I wondered how he could remember it so well, seeing as he slept through it.)

Ah well. Then there was the time my friend Brenda and I laughed ourselves silly all through a performance of Norma. We’d never realized that Norma is a comic opera, but, with the right cast, it certainly can be. When the barrel-chested tenor got his “tutu” stuck up inside his breastplate, it was pretty much all over for us….

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