Balinese Gamelan

6 06 2008

The instrument that has influenced Western composers from Debussy to Harrison. It’s about time I posted some gamelan here.



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6 06 2008

Check this one out:

It’s a different style of Gamelan from West Java, where my fiancee’s from.

6 06 2008
R & F

I wanted to go to Bali for our honeymoon but was not allowed to fly. I think they are Hindu. A friend in the CIA told me it was a beautiful, exotic and romantic place.
However, I think it is on the State Department do not go to list because of some terrorist attacks. It seems that Hinduism has a rich and ornate almost baroque style of art and a very appealing style of music although I am certainly not very informed. There is a very beautiful Hindu Temple in the Chicago area.

Without any accusations hopefully from your readers about being relativistic or sycreticism, I like the Buddhist (I think Tibetan) Gong music as it is very relaxing and the vibrations are very interesting. I did a TV show with some Tibetan lamas and their local cultural center that I found very interesting with their instruments and art and chanting.
Although, again, I know very little about it.

The internet generally and your blog specifically is amazing in that you can see so much without travelling and so much is at your fingertips that would of been possible in years past. May we all learn to be more knowledgable and tolerant of the beauty and diversity of all of God’s children.

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