De Musica

30 05 2008

Beaux Arts Trio plays the last two movements of Dvorak’s Dumky Trio

Marsilio Ficino to Domenico Benevieni, illustrious philosopher and master musician: greetings.

Plato thinks that true music is nothing other than harmony of mind: natural, insofar as its powers are consonant with the powers of mind, and acquired, insofar as its motions are consonant with the motions of the mind. He thinks that the reflection of true music is that music which modulates notes and sounds to charm our ears. He believes that the Muse Urania presides over the former and Polyhymnia over the latter. Hermes Trismegistus says that both have been assigned to us by God, so that through the former we may continually imitate God Himself in our reflections and dispositions and the latter we may regularly honor the name of God in hymns and sounds.

(taken from Western Esoteric Masters Series: Marsilio Ficino, edited by Angela Voss)



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