“Holy” Death

29 05 2008

Okay, this is just getting out of hand…

I was going to write another post, but this came up. While I still intend to write a longer, more theoretical post on the phenomenon of “La Santisima Muerte”, I will say here that I find this profoundly unsettling. According to my preliminary investigations, the cult of Death in Mexico only dates back to the 1960’s, if not a bit earlier. While skeletons have always been present in Mexican popular religious consciousness, the idea that one should pray to Death is a total novelty.  As a theological refutation of this, I have found this as a common response out of the mouths of even the most simple, devout Catholics:

Didn’t God defeat death? How can death be a saint? To me, that is no saint.

Exactly. We should pray for our misguided brethren.