Omnia in omnibus modo suo

23 05 2008

Above: King Louis XIV as the Sun from the film, Le Roi Danse

Proclus give us precise examples of such ‘chains’ or ‘rays’ that link each level of existence through a particular archetypal quality.  For example, the ray which crystallises as ‘Apollo’ on the level of Ideas, will bring forth the ‘Sun-soul’ on the cosmic level, the physical Sun on the material, the King on the human, lion on the animal, heliotrope on the vegetative and gold on the mineral levels.  The key is sympathetic resonance, which allows even the most inanimate stone to partake of divine power.  This is the ‘occult property’, which can be worked with in theurgic ritual, as well as in more manipulative or ‘lower’ kinds of magic. 

-Angela Voss, from her introduction to an anthology of the writings of Marsilio Ficino

Below: Louis XIV as Apollo in the same movie



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