Well, I guess this is kinda cool…

9 05 2008

I said in this post that Mexican music wasn’t cool. Well, I think Maná is kinda cool.

I think the song here is a little botched, but still worth a listen nonetheless.



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7 02 2011

Mana is cheezy and pales next to Cafe Tacuba. If you once thought Mexican music wasn’t cool, you just haven’t heard these guys. I don’t defend the message in some of their lyrics (homosexuality, irreligion, and just general immorality–which you will find in Mana as well), but they do have a very good sound. You could say that they’re a pop rock band, but that would be a very poor description. You just can’t put them in any one genre. Their music is incredibly creative, diverse, and just plain fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfwlDbUuJ50

12 05 2008
dave m

The death masks for the band could be satanic although not necessarily so.

Certainly a lot of rock especially heavy metal hard rock bands had explicit satanic themes probably to sell records:
Rolling Stones (the album cover with Mick Jagger as the Devil and songs like Sympathy for the Devil or Monkey Man)
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin (even a rumor they allegedly started that they sold their souls to the Devil to be rock stars)
Ozzy Osbourne independent of Black Sabbath
Judas Priest

12 05 2008
Arturo Vasquez

I wouldn’t know. All the songs I have listened to have fairly run of the mill themes: love, loss, having fun, etc. That doesn’t mean that your accusation is not true, just that I don’t know about it.

12 05 2008
M.J. Ernst-Sandoval

Someone once told me that Maná had Satanic themes running throughout their music. Any truth to this?

9 05 2008

Mana sounds like the Police at times

I don’t know about the sometimes Reggae stuff

Didn’t they use Gregorian chant as a sample in a song

You look a little like Pablito Ruiz

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