La Muerte

7 05 2008


—Soy la Muerte— me dijo. No sabía
que tan estrechamente me cercara,
al punto de volcarme por la cara
su turbadora vaharada fría.

Ya no intento eludir su compañía:
mis pasos sigue, transparente y clara
y desde entonces no me desampara
ni me deja de noche ni de día.

—¡Y pensar —confesé—, que de mil modos
quise disimularte con apodos,
entre miedos y errores confundida!

«Más tienes de caricia que de pena».
Eras alivio y te llamé cadena.
Eras la muerte y te llamé la vida.

Alfonso Reyes


“I am death,” she said. I did not behold

How closely she crept towards my guarded gate,

At the point of carrying to me my fate

With her breath so harsh and terribly cold.


I no longer labor to leave her side.

My steps she follows, transparent and clear,

And from then on I was without sorrow or fear;

She leaves me not by day nor at eventide.


“And to think,” I confessed, “that in a thousand ways,

I with false names tried to keep you at bay,

Confounded between fear and useless strife.”


“You have more of caress than you do of pain,

You were freedom and I called you ‘chain’,

You were death, and I called you life.”

-translated by Arturo Vasquez



3 responses

9 05 2008
Jimmy Page

Walking hand and hand with death
The Devil mocks our every step

Close the doors
put out the light
you know he won’t be home tonight
the snow falls hard and don’t you know
the winds of Thor are blowing cold

The dogs of doom are howling more

8 05 2008
Arturo Vasquez

“Muerte” is a feminine noun in Spanish. Also, I am vaguely refering to the cult of “Holy Death”, which I will post on sometime in the future. It’s not that I agree with it; on the contrary, I think it’s disturbing. But it would be an interesting subject of discussion nonetheless.

8 05 2008

It is interesting to put death in a feminine form

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